We open the warehouse and you can purchase a variety of products from the importer to the consumer at the lowest prices in the country.

Main showroom – Petach Tikva (Segula Junction) Major General David Marcus 10

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A selection of home and garden products at the lowest prices in the country. Come and see our main showroom which includes a variety of event equipment, inflatable selection of all types, heating and cooling solutions at affordable prices.

Garden Products – All you need is a garden in one place

Our garden is one of the most central places in our home. When we want to make our house a more pleasant place we must invest in the design of his garden. Our garden design can be better quality when we make sure it has different accessories. We can upgrade the look of our garden by having game tables for sale. These tables can be a very important attraction in our garden and they can allow us to enjoy ourselves very much every time we stay in the garden. Buying garden products is designed to upgrade our garden and make it a more prestigious place.

Garden products – and improving the quality of hospitality in our garden

Garden products can help us improve the quality of our garden hospitality. When we want to improve the quality of our garden hospitality we can choose to buy cheap corners for our garden. We can also buy in our garden swings or spacious seating areas on which we will be comfortable to sit and drink coffee with our guests in the garden. Today there is a trend all over the world to turn the outer space of the house like the garden and balcony into a second living room or a second life center outside the house. When we treat our garden as if it is another room in the house we will have a lot more fun sitting and spending time in it.

Garden Products – What Products?

There are a lot of garden products that can upgrade our garden. When we want to upgrade our garden we need to choose which related products we should buy for. There are products that are found in every garden such as plants and different flowers that make up the garden itself. In most gardens today there are also seating areas that can include cheap corners, sitting areas or outdoor furniture such as outdoor dining tables and more ….. Other products that can be very useful in gardens can be inflatable or game tables. These leisure facilities will form products that we and our children can use while we spend in our garden.

Garden products – and our own garden upgrades

Garden products can upgrade our private garden so that it will be a more quality place. Investing in our garden design will enable us to derive greater enjoyment from this part of our home. Our home can be a much more unique place when we invest in the design of all its parts. We can upgrade our garden by choosing to design it to suit our personal lifestyle. We can upgrade the garden by having play tables, cheap corners, seating areas and many other attractions. These accessories can be the difference between a unique garden and a nice garden that is nice but it does not make us enthusiastic.

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